Price List

16 X 12 Rect. or Oval

14 X 8 Rect. or Oval

12 X 6 Rectangular or Oval

8 X 6 Rectangular or Oval

Dog bone or other tag sign

Cross Arm assembly only (no sign or endcaps)

Golf Ball End knobs(Pair)                                           

Installation: (Drill Lamppost for cross arm)  

Normal Installation:                                                    

Shipping (USA)                                 












Our signs are priced by the blank size.  The content of the sign is not considered unless new graphics are involved.  Such as a very complicated insignia.  A design fee of $30 will usually cover this type of thing.

The prices include 22″ aluminum cross arm and non rusting hardware. The prices do not include end knobs.  These prices assume that the sign is to be engraved on one side only.  The Price is increased by 50% of the base price to engrave both sides.  For instance a 16″ X 12″ Sign, engraved on both sides, would be $150 instead of $200.

Available Colors:

  • White w/Black Graphics
  • Black w/White Graphics
  • Green w/White Graphics
  • White w/Green Graphics
  • White w/Blue Graphics
  • Brown w/White Graphics
  • Blue w/White Graphics
  • Tan w/Green Graphics
  • Tan w/Brown Graphics

Painted Signs are quoted on an individual basis

  • $25 Increments

Please Call, Email or fax us to place your order.

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